Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Creating Shortcut to a Source/Target definition

Short cut is a reference or link to source or target definition in a shared folder to share between different projects.

The below are the steps to create a shortcut.

Step 1: Creating shared folder. (Enable allow shortcuts)

Object dept is in the shared folder (Shared), We can create shortcut for this table in another folder/repository.

Open the destination folder (Practise) and then drag the table dept from shared folder (Shared).

We can create a shortcut to a shared folder in the same repository. We can also create a shortcut in a local repository that points to a shared folder in the global repository, as long as both repositories are in the same domain.

In order to create a shortcut.... Source folder must be shared folder and destination folder must be opened, otherwise it creates a copy instead of shortcut.


--> Suppose if we are using multiple copies of an object in different mappings, if we need to modify the object like changing data type or length etc , we need to edit each copy of the object to obtain the same results but if we have a shortcuts, all shortcuts immediately inherit the changes we make.

--> We can restrict the users to incorporate the shortcuts instead of developing their own objects independently.

--> We can save the space in repository by using shortcuts to an object instead of creating multiple copies in different folders/repositories.